>The museum piece, Shanghai.

After coming from Seattle, then traveling to London, and now living in Korea, I’ve seen a lot of changes in style this past year. But, while visiting China this past January/February, I was shocked at how immediate and drastic the difference is. People in China don’t care as much for fashion. I thought in Shanghai there would an up-and-coming fashion scene, but showing this museum pieces as my fashion for Shanghai really says something.

The shopping centers were extravagant and housed every designer you could think of–the thing is, no one was shopping.

The markets were overwhelming and fun. My travel mates had a play with some super-seller ladies, telling them that Primark was the new Gucci in London, right now. Dear, those ladies couldn’t wait to get their hands on this information. There was definitely the drawing of a logo, upon request.

One last thing–bargaining in China is a thrill!


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