>The Friday night gang at the Ariana Hotel, Daegu.

>Black and white, baby. Perfectly classy and a touch sassy.
William, looking as “William” as ever, with his new white pants. Boys and girls, let’s not be afraid to wear white.
The lady is sporting one of what, 4 Korean hair styles right now? Trends are tricky because not everyone can pull every trend. The Koreans don’t seem to care, but in this case, the hair looks fabulous on her, as does the dress. Everything looks proportionate, which really is key. Also, the dress was purchased on sale for some $20. This actually shouldn’t be that surprising. Looking great is not about money and designer labels–it’s about personal style and working what your momma gave you.

The unlikely friends.
The little muscle and the loosened tie is just hot.
Now, with the jacket on–charcoal pin stripes with the yellow tie. I really meant to get a shot of his yellow belt as well. The belt make the outfit great to me.

After posting this he told me: “I’m afraid I have to admit that I got the yellow belt because Superman has a yellow belt.” Superman as a style hero–cheers.

This shot really doesn’t do justice, but let’s talk make-up. Most of the time people say to play up the eyes or the lips–usually the eyes for a blond–but this is lovely and by no means “too much”. I also like the fun hair and feathers giving her a wonderful flapper-esque look.

It’s the cool-kids table.
The daily hand accessories – great personal style.

It should be known that I love red hair. If I could change my look I would want a face and coloring that could handle any hair-cut and color (especially ginger). Think Charlize Theron, Mia Kirshner, Jessica Stam, or Kate Moss. And back to the photo–also, I love big, messy hair, great smiles and nose studs. The nose stud and the Marylin, on the right people of course, are my favorite piercings.

Old-effing-school. Mixing brands.

Sporting double. I’ve been on the hunt for this exact watch–in gold.

The watch over the shirt look. When it’s good, it’s so good. In this case, it makes the outfit.


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