>Playing up the all black outfit.

>I love when people wear one color and then make it pop with an accessory of another, usually brighter, color. My favorite combination is all black with red, especially with a good pair of red shoes. I just think it’s such a subtle and classic way of making something look much more dramatic or trendy.

I’m also a fan of the daily accessories. Usually these accessories have a story behind them–some sort of meaning that overpowers whether or not it “goes” with the outfit. A few photos down there is a shot of a lady’s hands. She wears the rings and bracelets everyday and they are part of her personal style. For some it’s the same diamond studs, or that obscure little pendant that dangles around their neck, even during a sweaty tennis match. For most men it’s the watch, and here, it’s the gold bracelet that maybe doesn’t go with the silver studs on the belt, but is worn, nonetheless.

Lastly, thank goodness for studded belts. Studded belts, which are traditionally a more hardcore or punk look, are now a fun, edgy fashion accessory. It still has that punk link though, so it works as a subtle, surprising kick to the classiest of outfits. Burberry Prorsum, made great use of studded belts in their recent ad campaign with Kate Moss.


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