>Glass sass.

>That expression. That “circle” hair. Those glasses.

Glasses in Korea are brilliant. Sure, everywhere you go, people will be wearing glasses that are wrong for their face, but here, they really use glasses to make a statement. You see a lot of red, but also other colors that (when being used to the Western world where most people don’t make the most of glasses) make you do a double-take. Also, glasses here are cheap. Frames are cheap, lenses are cheap, which makes having trendy glasses much more fun.

I actually wear glasses, but can’t seem to find a pair of glasses that look good on me. Always looking..
Male middle schooler with the very nerdy, top-button look and clear frames. The nerdy look on students is just so cute.

Koreans are very good at design. Their home design is fabulous as are their clothing and tech designs. The boy above made a mechanical pencil out of a syringe. Cool.

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