>Favorite eyeware boutique in Daegu.

>All of them, really–but, gosh, the blue and gold Diors.

All of them. Especially the clear oversized. I love the frame-to-lens contrast.

The top pair, but all of these actually, have interesting silhouettes. These also show how light tinted lenses make glasses that much more vintage.

That bottom black pair is a killer.

Ah, the vintage sunglass section of the shop. I love.

Sunglasses and scarves are my favorite all-year accessories. Sunglasses, more so, because, well, they protect and because the hottest moments of summer are far too hot for a scarf (that is, unless well tied around head, waist or handbag). I absolutely love sunglasses though. I’m a big on oversized sunglasses because, they are classy, sassy, and look good on nearly everyone. The bigness is a bit overpowering, so it will make the face look smaller, which is generally quite flattering.

What I don’t like is the whole, “Sunglasses in summer only!” misconception that most people have going. Sure it’s the best season to sell them, but it’s really like sun-block, where, if the sun is out, it’s necessary. And, hey, sunglasses look fabulous with the any season’s wardrobe, so why not?

Also, huge, huge, huge fan of Korean eyeware. The colors, the design–it’s all aces.


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