>A Square Room not for squares, Seattle, WA.

>The Square Room. Now this is what we call a sidewalk sale.

I’m going to apologize now for the lengthy post, but I can’t be bothered to break this up..
I LOVE this necklace. The jewelry selection here is so so great. They have tons of independent designers from all over the country and the staff know all about the designers which makes it so much better. The ribbon here is actually a very delicate metal. Mmmp!
More metal fabulous.
I love these voluptuous welded patchwork pieces. In the background the wall art installations are by one of the two artist owners.
I realize with the background it’s hard to see some of these but the top left wooden earrings are gorgeous. With the bottom right bone, I love the varied lengths.

I’m not familiar with the brand, but this hat was smokin’.
This was my must have. Silver with can you guess what?..
…fake eyelashes! Brilliant. So delicate and beautiful and actually a steal for only $40.
More art from artist/owner A.
And art from artist/owner B.

A great new addition to the now controversial Capitol Hill, Seattle.


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