>Treasure Stylin’, Treasure Island, CA.

>Last Saturday and Sunday loads of Bay Area kids rocked out to band after band at the 2008 Treasure Island Music Festival. Music and musicians have always influenced fashion so I’m always excited to go see what people are wearing at shows.

Of course, at every music festival, there’s sure to be a lot of your standard indie/Urban Outfitters styles. Nothin’ wrong with that! The Urban Outfitters look captures the music festival feel–out in the sun all day with masses of beautiful people, eating too much yummy, overpriced food, and having rock music coming at you from everywhere.

Cons + tight jeans + cool white t-shirt + bandana + Ray-Bans + old-school camera + cigarette = Rockstar. Love it.

This vest has drama in the back. Simple and fabulous.

The SF Zine Fest ladies decided to attend as a vintage duo. The parasol was a nice touch.

Vintage jewels and glasses, ad some authenticity to this vintage look! These glasses, purchased from a flee market in Japan, are just amazing.

These two were my favorite. They are Grant Doolittle and Judy Berberian, designers for Please Dress Up. Grant’s sweater is Comme de Garcon, a design house known for interesting designs and unique cutting.


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