>The Captain & Commander Collection, SOMA, SF.

>111 Minna, one of my faaavorite spots in SF, was hip-happenin’ last night for the Captain & Commander art opening. Aside from being such a great space with so much going on, I love the Minna because everyone there always looks fabulous.

Afghan style sweater, thrifted from Goodwill. It’s a very interested silhouette that works well on her with the bare legs and neutral boots. Very Mary Kate, in the best way.

Double-tie Michael just moved here from Brooklyn, NY, where he’s been known layer as many as 4 ties!

Holly (left) with friend, both stepping out with their white shoes. I strongly believe that you must own black, white and red shoes! Men and women! Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how much they can do for an outfit.

This is Holly’s other half, Michael. We love fashionable couples. The two are currently working hard to open Shotwell, a boutique in Union Square that will feature a nice mix of up-and-coming designers and some friendly vintage.

Red shorted. This is Holly’s sister in Holly’s shorts. Just like fashionable couples, we love fashionable siblings.

There was tons of tan leather going around last night.

Cas of Steel Closet. I met Cas last month at the Tobi fashion show. He looked amazing so I thought I’d introduce myself–this is what I do, guys! I couldn’t shoot him that night, but I’m glad I caught him here. His varsity cardigan is vintage and in mint condition.
Of course there’s the mix of prints, but what’s truly great is his nice use of the oversized safety pin. These are often used to hold the kilts together, but this is much cooler.

Similar and so well done. I know it’s a dark photo, but let’s compare and contrast. Both are wearing herringbone jackets with pocket squares and show a little sleeve–all good things. As for the differences–the man on the left looks a little more reserved and very fall with oxfords and a plaid scarf. The man on the right looks a bit more casual and weather-transitional with his rolled pant legs, sockless loafers and popped collar. Menswear is all about the details so small changes will really impact a look.
This is an up-close shot of the man on the right. Here you can see he’s wearing a contrasting herringbone vest. And he’s sporting a pocket watch. Brilliant. Yay for menswear accessories. Even better though–it’s cleverly old-school and strung through his buttonhole. I love it.


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  1. Shotwell says :


  2. Alexander Worthington iii says :

    >Hey Lilly,I was going through some other frendly blogs and thought you’d enjoy this complement to Mr. Pocketwatch.http://www.thebkcircus.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/lecirque1.jpg- worthington

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