>And Then There Were Three.

>So now for a Project Runway recap..

Last night Jerell was given the boot for his messy wedding gown and bridesmaid’s dress.
In this photo the dress actually looks quite nice. Still, it doesn’t really look like it’s supposed to be quite so messy. I actually thought Korto’s wedding dress was a bit more unfortunate, but Jerell’s bridesmaid’s dress was what really killed him. You can see all of last night’s looks here.

So now it’s down to the three lovely ladies to cat fight on the catwalk at Bryant Park.

First we have..
Leanne who is very Portland! She’s chill and has an amazing design aesthetic, but could do something with her hair. It’s cool because when I was working for Church & State the season had just started and I knew of her through the Portland fashion scene.

Korto has a whole lotta soul and, although I’m partial to her style, she has passion in her work.

Kenley is stubborn and bitchy and, yet, totally cute. Her pieces are very much plays on big designers though..
One of Kenley’s winning designs (above).
Balenciaga much?! And what more!..
As Michael Kors noted, Kenley’s dress (above) was an awful lot like a dress from Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2008 Ready To Wear line (below).

In annnnny case! I cannot wait to see Leanne and Kenley’s collections. I hate to say it, but I really think it is between the two and probably (hopefully) more in Leanne’s favor.


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