>Meeting Murakami, Civic Center, SF.

>He’s internationally cult-worshiped. He’s a New York Times bestselling author. He’s a super cute, super humble Japanese man and his name is Haruki Murakami.
Murakami keeps his mystique by keeping out of the public eye, but yesterday he had a special sold-out reading at Cal. And today he held a signing at Books Inc. (my corner bookshop)!
The line was madness.
And it didn’t stop there..

Of course, I was expecting loads of well-dressed Japanese girls out here for the signing.
I love so many things about this girl’s look. The neutral tones and layers are so well mixed.
She got these pyramid spike earrings in NYC, of course. I love them. Just the type of thing I can see Marc by Marc Jacobs coming out with. Also, notice how her hair has wisps of ashy blond. It’s hard to get Asian hair that light, but the contrast looks quite cool. With doing color like this, with an overlay, you avoid any messy grow-out.
To me, that nail color makes this look striking. If you’re going to do an untraditional, bright color, go with neutral clothes and let your nails accent. Also, again, notice how the color is really strategically done and works to enhance her cut.

I like how she took a very summery dress and transitioned it into fall with tights, a sweater and oxfords. Easy. Her vintage dress is from Clothes Contact where dresses are priced, but other goods are $10/pound! There are a few other by-the-pound places in the Mission, too, that I’ll have to report on.
This morning she lost a button so her quick fix was to grab a pin–what a great idea! After all a little flair never hurts, right?
Trend to try: the single earring.

Lastly, my signed copy of Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman: 24 Stories by Haruki Murakami. Note: having a cool signature is essential.

2 responses to “>Meeting Murakami, Civic Center, SF.”

  1. Hijiri says :

    >Thank you, Lily, I am so flattered!

  2. dogmom says :

    >can’t believe i missed this!! must check your blog more often…thanks for the great photos.

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