>Leanne Is In, Naturally.

>Who called it?! (Everyone, acutally.) Leanne wins Project Runway Season 5! Hurray for a West Coast designer! And, since I have design ties to Portland, Hurray for a Portland designer!!

I’m really amazed at how the folks at Project Runway keep things tightly under wraps. Fashion week was early last month so to keep the suspense, the show now allows 6 designers to show, when it used to be the final 4! So who actually showed at Bryant Park? Joe, Suede, and Jerell, in addition to the Korto, Kenley and Leanne. So even if the boys didn’t get a chance at the money, they still got to show at NYC’s FASHION WEEK. That is huge. Too bad their collections were all very.. well, I wasn’t impressed.

Leanne on the other hand has amazing technique and vision. I love the sculpturesque edges and added softness. With smaller collections you really do have to keep things simple and concise, and Leanne did that well. She also chose her colors wisely. Here are my favorites from her mini-collection:

And, of course, her gorgeous wedding dress..

I think it would be interesting to see her bring some fun patterns into her interesting layers. Leanne’s name will be out there, no doubt, but be sure to look for her stuff on Bluefly.com. Also, last I checked, it was all sold out, but here’s her Leanimal Etsy Shop!


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