>Retro & Reconstructed At Capsule, Hayes Valley, SF.

>Ooh, that hat. The plume is so vintage and elegant and says a big sassy, “Really?” to the trendy feathers right now. This sort of hat isn’t for everyone, but just look at the woman! She gives off a little intimidation, little mystery, and wears the hat very well.

Erin MacLeod Designs presensts the Snaptie. Very cool and versitle.

Gooorgeous vintage Ralph Lauren sweater. Fabulous man sandals.
We love elbow patches.

Kazam Creations. These collaged bags are so great and would be a fun thing to try making. Remember Mod Podge? I think shes uses some sort of an acrylic sealant, which is similar to Mod Podge. Basically all you would have to do is go to Goodwill and pick out a vintage bag that’s leather or (even better) patent leather. Then print out some images on a laser printer, cut and paste away! I’m going to try this later so maybe I’ll do a better step-by-step post..
Of course, if you’re not feeling crafty, be sure to check out her stuff online.


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