>Familiar Faces At Capsule, Hayes Valley, SF.

>Taxi CDC at Capsule. I first met the LA designer at a tradeshow last spring and was really excited to see her out here again. She always has great colors and a huge selection.
Note: I’m currently shopping for a leather skirt. Sadly, she didn’t have any in the right color/size combination, but I might see about ordering one from her.

The fabulous Holly (left) of 307 Shotwell! Under her big burly coat (you know I say it with love, girl!) she’s wearing a great Alexander Wang dress and check out those flashy Y-3 high-tops! I love.

And on the right we have the lovely Kelly Malone who created Indie Mart and runs Still Life, an edgy vintage boutique on Divis.

Edric with the yellow socks. Enough said.

Another familiar vendor. I first blogged her (in her own design) last April.
Back then she only had her headbands and necklaces, but this time she brought a whole rack of these reconstructed blazers. Notice how the ruffles rosettes are created from the detached sleeves? Brilliant.
She also uses old blazer sleeves to create these cute vintage-style hats.


2 responses to “>Familiar Faces At Capsule, Hayes Valley, SF.”

  1. william says :

    >yep, i still check back once in a blue moon to go through your pics. doing a fine job, lily. btw: i tagged you on my blog. i’m not sure what that means…i’m just following the rules :)have a good one in the US of A~w

  2. Modollnoel says :

    >If I’m ever in the US of A i will be sure to try to check out the festivities at capsule, I’ve seen it mentioned on so many sites. My favorite of your mentions is definitely the reconstructed blazers, they really are an inspiration.

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