>Obama Victory Style, YBCA, SF.

>Yerba Buena Center for the Arts had a major turnout for Freedom of Art: Election Night 2008.

I’ve had my eye on these Miss Sixty shoes for awhile now.. but now I want this Zara shawl jacket instead.

Rafael Musni, Associate Gallery Director of Tonogon Gallery. This couple was absolutely adorable. What I love is that they don’t look like they got up in the morning and coordinated their outfits for the day, but their clothes flow very nicely together.

I was expecting more people (especially in SF!!) to dress FOR the election!? This guy looked very patriotic while my election day outfit (below right) was a little more partisan.
Being the weird fashion obsessed girl that I am, I tend to always remember what I and others wore to whatever past events. It’s like remembering your prom dress, but on a daily basis. I’m excited to look back on this election and remember that I supported Obama and very appropriately wore my blue reworked vintage dress by Taxi CDC!

T-shirts will never go out of style. Just think about when these historical shirts will be vintage. I’m now on the search for the cutest Obama shirt.

Mad rad hair. Love.

This is my new favorite girl. There’s a certain charm and mystery to this girl and I’m liking the grungy all black thing she has going on.


One response to “>Obama Victory Style, YBCA, SF.”

  1. Hanako says :

    >I like Obama .

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