>Last week I had the pleasure of attending the SFMOMA Annual Press Luncheon. So exciting.

Great fit.

This sweater is amazing amazing amazing. I’m always amazed with knitwear like this. If it were a print it wouldn’t be as impressive as this pattern being woven into a sweater.
I was able to catch up with him later and snag a photo of his whole look–against the new gold curtain, of course! I dig the oversized bag, how the sweater is really the only busy part of the outfit, and the gold Cons!

The Art of Participation, because we love hands-on installation art.

Microphones 2008, an interactive installation with modified microphones, computers, electronics and custom software by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. The photograph kind of captures it, but really, waking into this room was such a beautiful experience.

Me, participating in the creation of art. It was kind of a trip–you speak into the microphone and it records what you say, but you won’t hear it until moments later, along with other thoughts and noises mixed in. Very random and very fun, indeed.

Communimage 1999-present by CALC and Johannes Gees.

New favorite photo.
Delayed 2002, a closed-circuit sound installation by Matthias Gommel.

Martin Puryear’s work has this beautiful organic quality to it that’s very calming.

More Martin Puryear. The whole exhibit is quite striking.

Basically, you should turn out of your computer and go to SFMOMA right this instant! All of the new exhibits are really beautiful and certainly worth a visit.


One response to “>SFMOMA, SF.”

  1. Anonymous says :

    >yes this guy is from DC! his stuff is at the national gallery.Ben

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