>Comme des Garcons for H&M, Union Square, SF.

>The latest of H&M designer collaborations:  Comme des Garcons starts TODAY at 10am 

The highly sought after CdG coat dress (left) is priced at $350, but is suspected to go on eBay for some $15,000! Yow. Why on Earth?! Well, there are only 10 in the world and 5 of them are right here in SF at the Powell St. store. Ridic.
My pick is the drop crotch cropped pants (middle).
Gangster hardcore. This was the line at midnight! I was just going to swing by in the morning and pick up some CdG goodies, but boy, was I trippin’! The line is going to be insane by morning.
First in line, an H&M employee who set up camp at 3pm!!! And he’s wearing the exclusive employee t-shirt, naturally. 
These Japanese girls are getting sassy. They went as far as to strategize for the morning’s shopping throw-down, figuring out who will go for what. I love it. 
Others came prepared for the 12+ hour haul with the basic necessities–you know, laptops, Starbucks, the works.
I really wanted to want to stay, but it was cold and my butt would have hurt from sitting on the concrete all night and yeah, basically, I failed at fashion. 
Update:  I just got an text from a friend who jumped in line at 5am. The line is now running down two blocks! New York stores have opened though.. How long should I wait to check eBay? 

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