>Takoyaki and cheesteaks night at P’s.

>Making the takoyaki. I didn’t actually get a photo of it made! :( Sad. We started with batter mix though. Then added veggies and octopus and cooked them. Then topped with takoyaki sauce, Asian mayo, bonito flakes and dried seaweed. The first batch wasn’t the best, but once we got the hang of it, they were very good!

Buns from the Cheese Steak Shop. Yes, takoyaki and cheeseteaks are a strange combo. It was kind of a “random eats” dinner, but worked really well. :)

Mushrooms are going and the meat and onions are going!

With provolone and topped with super delicious party-in-my-mouth mustard sauce from Texidelphia! Diana brought some of this sauce up from Austin, TX.

And for dessert we had my brownies and ice cream that Tamiko brought. Yay.

One response to “>Takoyaki and cheesteaks night at P’s.”

  1. Lavishanaire® says :

    >Yes!!!..Baskin Robbins(Oreo) ice cream is the way togo…Lavishanaire M&L

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