>SF International Chocolate Salon, Fort Mason, SF.

>SF International Chocolate Salon 2009 at Herbst Pavilion! Our Food Editor at work, couldn’t be a panelist, so I went in her place! Yaaaay.

Oh my goodness, there was so much to try. A lot of it eh, a lot of it delicious. I had to turn in my sheet with notes, so I can’t remember where all of the photos are from, but I’ll do my best…

Definitely not my favorite although I remember they had a really nice white.
Chocolate truffle and chai.
Mr. Philippe Lewis of Edible Love Chocolates. The first very stand out chocolates we tasted. I voted them Best Truffles. Fantastic absinthe truffle.
Chocolate art, yooo! There were these darling little boxes that looked like cakes, but the lady wasn’t allowing photos. I’m going to email her to try to get a photo though. :)
William Dean of Florida! Yummy and very pretty. They had a peanut butter and jelly chocolate that I just loved. They also had amazing pate de fruit assortments!
I want to say this place was Divine Chocolate.
LOFT Liqueurs. Very tasty cellos and apparently the first certified organic liqueur in the US.
Sterling Confections. They had these beautiful truffle logs that I voted for for Best Presentation & Packaging.

Kika’s Treats. Super, super yummy candied graham cracker chocolates!
Two unphotographed, but notable chocolatiers: Rushburn Toffee Co. and Coco Delice.
Gosh, what a fabulous event! Everyone was very kind about sampling all of the different chocolates. Some places were even giving out full chocolates and confections!
We were chocolated-out by half way through. It was crazy. We did finish though, and hit every booth, but had to be choosy about what we tried at each booth. Here’s Audrey with our bag of chocolates we couldn’t finish! :)

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