>Kimbap (김빕) with my mom, Spokane, WA.

>Kimbab literally translates to “dried seaweed rice”. We’re going to use tuna because that’s my favorite. :) Above is tuna salad. I didn’t have mayo, so I used a little caesar dressing and it worked really well.

Spam ham! I know, this makes the blog un-classy. But in Korea, Spam is very expensive and thus, special. You won’t get Spam in kimbap if you go to a restaurant, because it’s expensive.
Boiled spinach with some sesame oil, sesame seeds and a little salt.
Korean fish product (오댕) and fried egg.
Pickled radish (단무지).
Dried seaweed sheet (김). There are different varieties of these and some of them will be too salty and too flaky, so you have to make sure to get the right kind.
Lay the rice, only over half of the seaweed sheet.
Top with what you choose. We mixed it up for different rolls! :)
And ta-da! :)
Taste testing. Traditional kimbap calls for lots of color! :)

Taste testing. I didn’t roll this one very well.. :)

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