>Petite Chat Bakery, Whitworth District, Spokane, WA.

>Fresh, French pastries.

Petite Chat Bakery opened in the old Encore. It’s wonderful and seems to be doing really well. Definitely some good news for the north side! :) They did a really lovely job with the space and everyone there is sooo friendly! :)

Fresh loaves.
Caitie and I shared this orange butter roll and…
This crazy layer bar! It had some caramel, pecans, chocolate chips, coconut, oats and something else? I don’t even remember, but it was very good! The orange roll was okay. Definitely not my favorite thing. There was some slightly odd taste to it, but I couldn’t make out what it was. It was good to try though. Now onto the millions of other pastries they have..! ;)

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