>Birthday dinner at The Slanted Door, Embarcadero, SF.

>Slanted Door spring rolls with shrimp, pork, mint and peanut sauce.

These were okay, I like making my own spring rolls so I can stuff them with more mint and cilantro, thus making them more flavorful.
Oysters and sausage.
This isn’t on their online menu so it must be fairly new. It was DELICIOUS. I love love love oysters, and the sausage was wonderful, too.
grapefruit and jicama with red cabbage, pickled carrots and candied pecans.
This too was, DELICIOUS!! It was crisp and refreshing and tasted like a light Korean salad so there was definitely some nostalgia there, too. :)
Niman Ranch shaking beef cubed filet mignon, Sausalito Springs’ watercress, red onions and lime dipping sauce.
Shaking beef!! Ahhh! Haha. This is on the 7×7 list that P and I are going through. It’s the same as a Vietnamese dish P had back in Texas and has been trying to find up here. He said it’s the best and closest to that dish that he’s tried. I thought it was quite tasty, as well. :)
Beignets with cinnamon cream sauce.
This isn’t on the online menu as well. They were crispy and doughy and light. Yummy, but not something I’d crave.
P and I had been trying to go to The Slanted Door for some time now. We decided to book early and go for my birthday and it was perfect. The whole meal was incredible and I want to go back and try more! :) Space wise, the restaurant was a bit too crammed for my liking, but the service was great and I’m so glad the food lived up to the praises–yay!

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