>Brainwash Cafe & Laundromat, SOMA, SF.I

>Laundry date at Brainwash.

Laundromat! This was my first time at a laundromat! It was great! This one is very well set up. Very cool and hip and such a large space.

Entryway to the laundromat.


Chinese chicken salad. Well, the olives aren’t really necessary in a Chinese chicken salad. They didn’t help. I thought they would be crunchy noodles, but they were somen noodles and they were a bit overcooked. The almonds, dressing and tofu were great though. The tofu was so well cooked!

Fish tacos. P said they were okay. They look a bit more quesadilla-ish.
The cafe was fun. The music was too loud, and the food we ordered was eh, but I think the burgers would be yummy there and it’s a fun environment with great natural light.

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