>LOOKBOOK.nu To Do: Make these pants.

>LOOKBOOK.nu is my new fashion blog of choice.  It’s v old-school Livejournal with it’s password-protected exclusivity and whatnot, but the updates are still hit ‘n miss.  The vanity-loving high school fashionistas from Europe are most enjoyable, if not slightly intimidating! 

Noortje Kooijman is super cute and has a fun, fresh look. And our fave 16-year-old fashion blogger Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes) has been known to post the occasional update, as well. 

Sooo all that done and said–I’m trying to get more into pants now!  If you know me, you know that I wear pants.. maybe 4 times a year? And jeans maybe once a year.  No joke. It’s just not my thing, but I’m really starting to dig cooler pant designs–harems, high-waisted, high-waisted harems.. Ooo, and I abs love love love the pants above.  I’m going to try making a pair as one of my summer projects.  Tres exciting. 

One response to “>LOOKBOOK.nu To Do: Make these pants.”

  1. Patrick says :

    >Cut two extra holes into a really large pillowcase from Goodwill. Done, next!

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