>Korean American Thanksgiving Feast 2009, S. Hill, Spokane.

>It all started with our hostess (in purple) and a bunch of empty serving platters. Asian Thanksgivings are always an interesting mix of Asian and American food. :)

And then we arranged this appetizer tier to nibble on while everything else finished cooking. The mini jalapeno-cheddar cornbread muffins on the bottom are mine!
Getting the ham ready for the final bake!
My parent’s seafood dish.
String bean casserol.
Asian fish dish.
Korean japchae. My mother’s friend, who I hadn’t seen in about 5 years made this and made it vegetarian because she remembered that I was! Aw, bless her! But I had to break it to her that I haven’t been a vegetarian in almost 3 years now!
Korean vegetable and egg pancakes.
A spicy Korean chicken and potato dish.
Bacon wrapped asparagus!
Corn bread stuffing.
The ham, was our turkey this year! First Thanksgiving without a turkey, but I don’t love turkey so it was okay. :)
Baked salmon with lemon, capers and a cream sauce. This was my favorite part of the meal!
The whole spread.
I’m so thankful for good eats. ;)

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