>Superbowl eats 2010.

>Mini pizza app from Trader Joe’s. Very good. We had these to calm our hunger before game time food!

Puff pastry smokies. These were delicious.
Chiiicken. Baked and then smothered in BBQ sauce.
Okay, so we baked potatoes, scooped out potato and set it aside, and then filled the skins with a pre-made mashed potato mix. The mashed potato mix included: horseradish, bacon, chives, sour cream, cheese.
Topped with more cheese and baked! Then topped with some fresh chives and a dollop of sour cream. Pretty darn yummy.
Brynne’s cupcakes! Brynne is an amazing baker who worked at Michael Mina and Kara’s Cupcakes! Very cool. I was so excited to get her cupcakes. She thought the Saint’s were red though so baked red and blue (Colts) cupcakes! :)
Brynne, frosting.
Go Colts! :(
Silver dusted.

Cheese-on-every-chip nachos with pepper-jack, chorizo..
Black beans, chicken, tomato, red onion. This photo is pre-baked. Most of these are because when the food came out I was so hungry that I was buy eating and not shooting! :)
SoCo, amaretto, ginger ale, frozen lime. This was amazing.

My plate.

Devoured! That was one of the best salads I have had in a long time. I’m going to have to get the recipe, which I guess is from a veeery old cookbook! And the cupcake was pretty darn tasty, too! :)

Louis with the new deep-fryer!
Ooooh man! Potato chips–turned out so well.
Fried pickles on the right.
Mmmmm. I didn’t try the pickle, but the little rolls were great! And Niki’s aioli was great, too–she put in a bit of Siracha!
Beignet mix from the famous Cafe Du Monde!
I guess the mix wasn’t turning out quite right..
Rolled in cinnamon-sugar. They were yummy, but not fluffy like beignets. They were a little bit more churro-ish, but I didn’t mind! :)
There was a lot more food, too, but I didn’t get to take photos of everything–lots of hands in a cramped kitchen with lots of hungry sports fans! :) It was good times though with good food, good people, and a good game. :) Thanks, Niki & Louis!

One response to “>Superbowl eats 2010.”

  1. Niki Baker says :

    >ahhh it was so great having you there! we should have another epic cooking day again soon!n

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