>Blueberry chocolate chip muffins with a cinnamon-sugar topping.

>I used a blueberry muffin mix with wild blueberries that my roommates had and then added some chocolate chips. :)

So originally I was going to do a yummy streusel top (butter, cinnamon sugar, sugar, brown sugar, flour), but then got frustrated with the cold butter and microwaved it.. and… microwaved it for too long! :( So I decided to just see what it would be like as a topping anyway..
The sides burnt a bit, but the topping was actually nice and the actual muffins were good! :)
That was my last treat for two weeks! I’m going on super cleanse! Ahhh! It’s sad that I won’t be cooking, but I’m very excited to try this out for two weeks! :)

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