>Post Art Walk dinner at Mission Street Food, Mission District, SF.

>Clockwise from left: Beef & Sweetbread Lasagna; Crab Bisque; Chanterelle Barotto. All were very nice. The lasagna wasn’t your traditional lasagna, and was meat heavy, but in a good way. The barotto had a very interesting, light flavor and was probably my favorite dish of the evening.

I’m still technically on my cleanse though, so I only have three bites of each! :)

Here is a freelance piece I wrote about Mission St. Food awhile back.

Serious Street Cred for Mission Street Food.

By Lily Ko

If you’re craving some novelty and seriously good eats, mosey on over to Mission Street Food. It’s a pop-up restaurant, non-profit, experimental culinary battlefield, and a hip place to enjoy a fantastic meal.

It all started when owner, Anthony Myint (former line chef at Bar Tartine), rented out a Mexican food truck on his night off (Thursday). A total street-food newbie, he served his own blend of gourmet food at street-food prices—cheap!—and it was hit.

Myint relied on word of mouth and Twitter to build a hungry customer base. Word spread fast and as the line grew, his operation went from Thursdays to Thursday and Saturday nights, on the corner of 21st and Mission St. (in SF’s Mission District).

Last October, Myint decided to quit Bar Tartine and turn his corner stand into a bustling underground restaurant. Now, every Thursday and Saturday at 6pm, MSF takes over, Lung Shan (2234 Mission St., San Francisco), a Chinese restaurant by day. The kitschy space with fake floral arrangements and mismatched silverware adds to the eclectic dining experience.

MSF remains true to its street-food roots, but now features exciting guest chefs with each service. Each chef has the opportunity to create their own genre-breaking menu, and all profits go to a charity of his or her choice.

Basically, when chefs get a challenge, diners get great food and proceeds go to charity—everybody wins.

The Food:

  • With a new menu every Thursday and Saturday, the food can be hit-or-miss, depending on your palate. Check out the menus online every Tuesday (for Thursday) and Thursday (for Saturday) at MissionStreetFood.com.

  • It’s all about gritty haute-cuisine, so prices are kept low. Most dishes are under $8, rarely over $12, and corkage is a very reasonable $5.

  • The ever-changing menu is offset with some MSF classics like their crispy, chewy flatbreads, and Lung Shan staples like Shanghai soup dumplings.

The Need to Know:

  • Go early (6pm), or around 10pm, with groups of two to four, for a minimal wait. If the line is long, write your name and phone number on the list and go for a drink nearby.

  • Follow MSF on Twitter under @MissionStFood to get real time updates on how busy they are, food they’re running out of, etc.

  • All profits go to the guest chef’s charity of choice, so don’t feel bad ordering one of everything (highly recommended).


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