>Last minute Oscar party.

>Sooo I was going to have an Oscar party and invited a few friends.. But then none of them responded, so I wasn’t going to have the party! Then, I kid you not, all in the same hour on Sunday afternoon (while the pre-show was already airing) they all got back to me saying they were coming! Hello last minute party! AND! Because I was on my cleanse last week, I didn’t have much food on hand! Ah! Thank goodness my roommate’s sister was in town and made some carmel corn (right) and yogurt chocolate cake (left). I had yogurt covered raisins (middle left) and clementines. :)

For the carmel corn we popped popcorn, made a simple carmel, stirred it into the popcorn and then baked it. Super easy and so yummy!

This is also why we always keep frozen appetizers on hand. ;) These parmesan pastry puff wrapped little smokies from Trader Joe’s were great.
Annnnd the chocolates. This is just a small portion of what was sent to me to be judged for the SF International Chocolate Salon. This was a lot to get through.. and there is so much more. Oy!
Re: Oscars–I can’t believe District 9 didn’t win anything. I loved that film and while the Hurt Locker was good, it really wasn’t that good.

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