>Amazing dinner at Absinthe, Hayes Valley, SF.

>Wow. House made ginger ale. My tummy started feeling a little bit eh so I went for one of these. They make a ginger simple syrup and mix it with soda water–sooooo yummy!

I like the Absinthe bread. :)

Beau Soleil, New Brunswick, Skookum, Washington

I can’t remember which one I liked better, but I think it was the Skookums. I haven’t really met an oyster I didn’t like though. The mignonette was nice, but not my favorite ever.

BABY ROMAINE creamy black-peppercorn dressing, Vella jack frico, white anchovies 11.

This is definitely one of my favorite Caesar salads. The parmesan crisps are add such a nice, salty crunch.

VAUDOVAN SCENTED CAULIFLOWER SOUP toasted almonds, spiced almond oil 4.5/8.5

Absinthe does such a nice job with cauliflower (like their cauliflower flatbread). The soup wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten, but was a very nice soup.

GOAT CHEESE & GREEN GARLIC PIEROGIES wild mushroom ragout, spinach, truffle butter 27.

The goat cheese in these was so yummy! They were nicely cooked, the mushrooms and spinach were lovely and, yeah, this was just very good. A great vegetarian option.
Looking back on this, maybe this didn’t help the food poisoning! I didn’t realize how bad it was though until later this evening. :( We hate food poisoning.

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