>Scoops, Wilshire Center, LA.

>Scoops! Ed and Jess really wanted to take us here and I’m so glad they did! They are known for having unique flavors, but nothing was as unique tonight as Humphry Slocombe always is. I may be biased, but I think SF does ice cream best. LA definitely wins for frozen yogurt though!:)

This guy was soo friendly and gave us such wonderful service. It really does make a difference.
Pear blueberry pomegranate sorbet. The pear in it was soo lovely. I stole a few bites from my brother!
I got the chocolate peanut butter and the toffee cheesecake, on top. I should have gotten a sample of the toffee cheesecake–I thought it would be a sure win, but wasn’t very flavorful. The chocolate peanut butter was yummy though. :)
Oh, and that was actually “one scoop”, which is nuts. We ordered three “one scoops”, and two half scoops(?), and the total came to $12. Ridiculous! Amazing! Ridiculously amazing! :)
Scoops is soo cute and unpretentious. We LOVE. It seems like a place you’d find in Portland, Austin or Pittsburgh. They have a neat installation of their ice cream spoons that I should have taken a photo of, too. Ooo, and the owner is this Korean guy! I get to have lots of Korean pride in LA. ;)

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