>Second try, happy hour at Stone Korean, Financial District, SF.

>반찬 / banchan side dishes! Yay for more banchan at Stone! Last time we only got 3, which was a bit sad.

오징어 튀김 / The calamari was really nice. The batter was nice and light and the spicy aioli (although not spicy) added a nice flavor.

불고기 김밥 / Bulgogi kimbap. These are Korean sushi rolls! My favorite is tuna, but bulgogi is my second favorite kind. It’s hard to find tuna kimbap outside of Korea. These rolls were fine, nothing spectacular, but definitely not bad!

양념 치킨 / Fried chicken with spicy Korean sauce. 또래오래 is my absolute favorite fried chicken, and sadly, is in Korea. I like it because it comes out soft and juicy, and boneless! And has the best breading and sauce ever! Haha. The fried chicken here was fine, but I like Coco Bang’s more.
찜만두 / Steamed dumplings. The dumplings were pretty good, but I think portion wise they were the smallest.
돌솥 비빔밥 / Dol-sot bibimbap. I tried a bite of it. It’s pretty hard to not make a tasty one!
Soooo Stone Korean failed me last time, but I went back for the happy hour $4 small plates menu! The small plates are actually a good size and were a good deal for $4.
I would go back for the happy hour, but the service was still really horrible. Again, our waitress (a different girl than last time) never checked on us, one of our dishes took forever and we had to walk up to pay because it took forever for someone to bring us the bill!

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