>Fenton’s Ice Cream Challenge, Oakland, CA.

>The famous Fenton’s (featured in Pixar’s Up.).

My slice of mocha mud ice cream pie. This was pretty good. There wasn’t as much coffee flavor as I was hoping for. Also, their ice cream texture is more whip cream like, which I don’t like as much so I wouldn’t head out to Oakland again specifically for Fenton’s, but understand the appeal. :)
One of the sundaes!
One of my roommates, who claims ice cream as his favorite food, decided to try the Fenton’s Ice Cream Challenge! It’s a massive three-scoop (Fenton’s scoops are about the size of a softball!), banana split with crushed pineapple, chocolate fudge, strawberry syrup, whip cream and a cherry on top! The goal is to finish this in 15 minutes!
They are strict about the 15 minutes, too. Our waiter, who wasn’t my favorite person, started the stop watch, came back at the 6 minute and 9 minute marks and then of course, at the 15 minute mark. My roommate had finished about 1/3rd of his ice cream. He said the toughest part was that the ice cream was so cold that your teeth hurt so you couldn’t eat it very quickly!
And about half an hour later.. finished! Or at least as finished as it was going to be!
I wouldn’t recommend the challenge, although it is on the menu and would be good to split with 3-5 people, depending on your ice cream appetites!
So Fenton’s is fun, and I’m so glad I finally got to go! I definitely want to come back for the food–oh goodness the onion rings, curly fries and burgers looked just amazing! I’m not huge on the texture of their ice cream though.

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