>Must try: The Burger Lounge at The Four Seasons, Downtown, SF.

>I was invited out to The Four Seasons restaurant to try their The Burger Lounge, which launched just last month. So get this–on Sundays and Mondays, you can order a burger, fries AND a cocktail/wine pairing for just $20. Amazing. I ordered the Duck Fat Burger and chose to get the cocktail pairing–this huge, delicious coffee cocktail that I would definitely get again.

We started with the tuna tartare. This tartare has great flavor and texture balances.

Olive platter: pickled olives, fried cheese-stuffed olives, olive tapenade. I had never seen fried olives before, but this was brilliant! They could have used a tiny bit more cheese, but such a great idea. The tapenade was really fantastic, too. It had the perfect saltiness to it.
Duck Fat Burger with pickles, perfectly crisp fries, peppercorn ranch spread/dip. These burgers are no small feat!
Yes, that would be thick, delicious slabs of pork belly in their BLT! Un-real. The pork belly was so tender and succulent–it really added to the burger and tasted amazing. I actually preferred this burger to the Duck Fat Burger, although they were both SO good. After the appetizers I couldn’t even get through half of my burger, but was excited to wrap it up for later!

We finished with the Fondue plate. The Four Seasons has a new pastry chef for NYC that I’m going to get the scoop on soon! He’s created a few new dishes and just take a look at the photo–do I even need to say anything?!
On one side you have fresh berries, and on the other you have a mix of two-bite brownies, marshmallows, rice crispies, and the most amazing banana bread I’ve ever had in my life. And then you get to dunk it all in warm caramel and/or a heavenly dark chocolate sauce! Now that’s what I call a fun, fantastic dessert. :)

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