>A big win for brunch at The Wynn, The Strip, Las Vegas.

>The Buffet at the Wynn! This was the other place I heard so many rave reviews about so I had to try it.

The place was whimsical and fun, like you were brunching in a majestic garden from Alice in Wonderland. Yay!
Only one half of the buffet! It was quite classy for a buffet. I was very impressed by the presentation and cleanliness.

Cute little cups of salads!

Super yummy phad Thai and stirfry.
The skirt steak with au jus was incredible.
These little sour cream and garlic fried potato balls were AMAZING.
Pizza! Nice crust.
Cheese and olive bar! Mmmmmmm.
One of the salad bars. They had nicely themed salad bars with either romaine, mixed greens (above) or iceberg, with various dressings and veggies that went well with each–smart.
The pastry kitchen. This is where the real love happens. :)
Cakes! Treats! Ah! Yummy! :)
Gelato and toppings.
Candied apples. Too cute.
Cream puffs. I’m not the biggest fan, but they looked fabulous.
Pretty. :)
Brunch at the Wynn really was the best. There was a great selection, great presentation, fresh ingredients, edgier food, and everything was pretty yummy! Definitely better than The Bellagio. I’m glad I tried the Bellagio, but next time I’ll be brunching at The Wynn.

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