>The Tao experience, The Venetian, The Strip, Las Vegas.

>Taaaaaaao! Gosh, I had heard SO much about this place from SO many different people that I immediately put it on my “must” list!

Pretty.. I guess on the weekends they have models in these baths as you walk into Tao.
The Tao Buddha.
It’s a pretty spot. I like what they’ve done with the decor.. not overdone, but definitely a nice mix.
I liked the raised silverware holder.
Crispy Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce.
We had to ask for more peanut sauce, but this was pretty good. Not the best coconut shrimp I’ve ever had, but solid. The slaw underneath, with the peanut sauce, was SO yummy.
Top: Satay of Chilean Sea Bass with Wok Roasted Asparagus.
Bottom: Sophisticated Udon Noodles with Mixed Vegetables.
The Sea Bass was like butter that melted in your mouth! The asparagus, too–I’ve never had asparagus that was so soft! They were both very nice. The noodles were good, too, but were the most generic tasting with the sauce.
Chocolate fortune cookie! With clever little fortunes! Fortune cookies aren’t really my thing, but these were fun.
Sooooo Tao! It was a fun spot and I’m glad I went. I would definitely go again, too! :) It’s a bit chainy, but prices weren’t outrageous and they have a huge menu so that’s nice.


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