>Kat’s first brunch at Brenda’s, Tenderloin, SF.


Kat’s first time at Brenda’s! Ahh! We’ve been trying to go for SOO LONG and something just kept coming up! This was perfect though–after running of a few calories at the Palace of Fine Arts, we thought it’d be a good idea to pack on 100000 more calories with a fantastic brunch! ;)
I’ve never seen Brenda’s SO empty! I think it might be to do with the scaffolding outside. Thomas Lackey, of Stable Cafe, who designed this space for Brenda, recently told me about the new Brenda’s expansion! It’s nice to see it’s in full swing–the new space will be the new restaurant. The current restaurant will be used for the kitchen and catering. Yay! I can’t wait to see the new space–it’s going to be fabulous and was very needed!
Shrimp po’ boy. Mmmmmmmm. Kat LOVED this! :)
Hangtown hash special with their biscuit and grits. Fried oyster and bacon scramble? Yes, I am indeed asking for a heart attack! Such a delicious way to die.. haha. In my defense, I decided to break this all up into 3 breakfasts! :)

One response to “>Kat’s first brunch at Brenda’s, Tenderloin, SF.”

  1. Steph K says :

    >Whoa, it's too weird seeing it that empty. But…..they are expanding!? Yayyyyyyyy!

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