>Jessica’s Bachelorette Part 1: Vietnamese at Bodega Bistro, SF.

>The bachelorette crew road tripped up to SF from LA! I was excited to meet up with them and take them around a little! They wanted Vietnamese so I thought we’d try Bodega Bistro…

Vietnamese crepe. Yummy, but not the best Vietnamese crepe I’ve had.

Vermicelli noodle salad with pork and imperial rolls! This is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes. I could eat this every day! This once had great, flavorful pork and nice imperial rolls, BUT they didn’t have enough imperial roll. Also, they only gave fish sauce with this. I decided to use the sauce from the Vietnamese crepe dish with this and it was lovely.

Shaking beef. Definitely not my favorite shaking beef.
The bachelorette gang! Woohoo!!
The service here was pretty slow, and the prices were a little bit high, but the dirty little secret here is to order off the lunch menu, always! It’ll definitely bring down your cost. ;) I shared the above three meals with two girls. Paying for those + tax & tip was $13, and for SO much food!

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