>Kimchi grilled cheese with a fried egg on top.

>I chopped up this kimchi. It’s nice to use a pretty “old” or sour kimchi, not fresh kimchi.

Cheddar & mozarella mixed shredded cheese, topped with kimchi on wheat.

I toasted it like any other grilled cheese.
Then I topped it with a fried egg, sliced it diagonally and stacked the haves for this photo.
My dad used to eat kimchi with sandwiches, and with everything, really. Haha. He’s so smart. I thought he was nuts when I was a kid, but little did I know! ;) The spicy, crunchy, slightly sour, pickled kimchi flavor goes SOOO well as a relish in this grilled cheese sandwich! Mmm mmm mmm!
This was great for a quick sandwich with ingredients I had on hand, but NEXT TIME I’m going to do this sandwich with artisan bread, bacon and a better cheese! :) Bacon will be a great combo because it is like the Korean sam-gyup-sal (삼겹살), which is often eaten with grilled kimchi.

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