>Mission Chinese Food, Mission District, SF.

>Salt cod fried rice, fresh black cod, Chinese sausage, scallion, egg – $10

This was nice and light. I love fried rice with cilantro! It’s also nice to be able to order fried rice at a Chinese restaurant and not have it dripping with oil! :)

Braised Mongolian beef cheek, scallions, onions, peppers, and horseradish over noodles – $9
Amazingly tender beef. So yummy, but I could have used a bit more spice! ;)
Taiwanese eggplant, three types of garlic, hot basil – $8
I loooove me some eggplant! You can’t seem to go wrong with eggplant, but MCF does a particularly awesome job with it.

Sizzling cumin lamb with salt & peppered pickled long beans (see below) – $12.50
Yow! The lamb was falling off the bones. It wasn’t as flavorful as I was hoping, but was still very nice.
The pickles went well with the lamb, too. They weren’t spicy, but more refreshing and added a nice little zing to the meal. As a Korean, this was the kimchi that balanced out the fattiness of the meal! ;)
Okay, I heart Mission Chinese Food. They are awesome. The food is great, and, of course, we came on the last day of the old menu! The new menu isn’t too different, but has some changes and a couple new dishes. Can’t wait to try them! I’m going to order spiciest dishes next time–exciting.

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