>Drinks and late dinner at Gitane, Financial District, SF.

>I took Richard to Gitane for drinks and a late bite after Patton Oswalt at Cobb’s Comedy Club. I love this bar.

Coup Glaceeriesling ice wine, Pimm’s No. 1, sliced cucumber, strawberry, ginger beer, mint 12
I like rieslings and I love Pimm’s, but I don’t love cucumber. Normally with Pimm’s the cucumber is fine, but it was too strong for me in this particular drink. It might have had something to do with the strong flavor of ginger beer, too.

Padrons – fried Spanish peppers, smoked sea salt 6
Fesol – butter beans, pork belly, picada 8
Both very quite nice. Super tender beans, yummy peppers although the salt could have been a bit more even throughout.
Caille – Roasted Tolenas farm quail, chorizo herb stuffing, sweet corn, potato galette 22

Once again, the quail! I loved it when I had it and recommended it to Richard. He loved it, of course and he’s not easy to please! The crispy potatoes and the corn are just awesome. And the chorizo stuffing packs a big punch of flavor into the lovely quail. Mmmm!

One response to “>Drinks and late dinner at Gitane, Financial District, SF.”

  1. cindy q says :

    >Awww we LOVE Gitane! Coupe glacee is my favorite but it's def a girly drink :). Next time you go I have an AWESOME drink rec.

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