>Starbucks donut fail, SoMa, SF.

>Okay, so Starbucks used to be really cool and served Seattle’s Top Pot donuts in all of their West Coast shops. It was a neat, “local” thing they did and it was great because Top Pot donuts are fantastic! They always had the Top Pot old-fashioned and apple fritters, but now Starbucks makes their own old-fashioned donuts and apple fritters.

First, I think it’s a bit tacky that they went with the same two flavors that they used from Top Pot, but that’s beside the point. The point is–Starbucks does everything well except for food! Why is that?! This was the worst donut and, actually, the worst baked good I’ve ever had. I couldn’t finish it! And I can finish most sweets! ;) I can’t put my finger on what the off flavor was, but I think they used a strange sugar substitute or something that gave it an extremely bizarre aftertaste.
I seriously don’t get it though!? I love Starbucks’ drinks, but why can’t they get food down!!? The sandwiches aren’t good. The bagels are awful and their pastries are very hit and miss.. usually more of a miss. So many other coffee shops have better food so I don’t know why they don’t. Oh well–I supposed I’ll just stick to my iced coffees!

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