>Starting Girls Night with dinner at EAT in 111 Minna, SoMa, SF.

>Minna continues to be one of my favorite spots. It’s so great for art openings, concerts, karaoke, dance parties, and pop-up restaurants! LOVE. I went out for a much needed girls night and we decided to head here first for the last EAT–so fun!

Funny enough, I actually went to the very first EAT supperclub, and I ended up going to the last one, too, thanks to my friend Maddy! The menu, food and crowd definitely improved since the first.
The very open kitchen.
Salad with beets.
Lamb over pearl couscous polenta.
Didn’t love it. The lamb was a bit tough and not very flavorful. The pearl couscous texture was off with the polenta. I realize polenta can be a bit creamy, but the creamy large pearls were throwing me off.
Pork belly over polenta with green apple slaw.
This was AMAZING. I was seriously blown away. It was coked perfectly, melted in your mouth and was super flavorful–the sour crispness in the green apple helped cut the fat and played SO nicely off the fattiness of the pork belly. The polenta was excellent, too.

White chocolate mousse with wild blueberries.

Amazing. I really like white chocolate mousse. I actually remember having an amazing white chocolate mousse for dessert at the last Junior League’s Fashion Show and I’ve been craving one every since! This definitely satisfied that craving. :)

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