>Wonderful dinner at Live Sushi, Potrero Hill, SF.

>Very nice restaurant with good decor.

The wasabi was too mild, but the ginger was shockingly spicy! I’d never had such spicy ginger.
The soy sauce was in these little bottles, making it look like balsamic vinegar! What a trip! Haha.

Andre and Richard had never had poki before so we got this. There wasn’t enough tuna, of course, and the cubes were a bit small, but other than that, this was a nice dish.

Nice fresh fish. Lovely.
This isn’t on the online menu and I’m can’t remember what it’s called, but it started with an S. Hmmm. It was so yummy though! I like the varied size and thin slices for the deep fried roll. So often I find that deep fried rolls are just a bit silly, but this time, the lovely, light tempura ring really added to the roll.

Those are very thin slices of lemon rind on top of the salmon–delicious!
Live was excellent. The restaurant is relaxed, service is friendly, prices are reasonable and the food was delicious! Would definitely go again. :)
Thanks for the fun evening, Andre, Rich and Jess!

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