>The perfect lunch at Split Pea Seduction, SoMa, SF.

>Split Pea has some great new artwork on the walls! A customer/artist who teaches classes at 1:AM Gallery did these ballpoint pen drawings–so fun.

Love it. This was perfect for people watching while enjoying my lunch. :)
Everything on their daily menu always sounds amazing. I opted for the vegetarian option (last one listed) with bacon! Their bacon is so good so I really had to. ;)
I was so hungry and this really hit the spot. It was heaven between bread.

The Split Pea is always amazing and I’m stunned with how they keep their soup the exact right, edible temperature. I went for the Sugar Pie Pumpkin Veg.

Ridiculous. I love soups with bread/croutons in them. So so yummy and hearty.
A special little dessert for me! Everyone should try one of their ice cream sandwiches. They’re not only adorable, but absolutely delicious!
Now THIS is what lunch should be. :)
Chefs Christian and Sam–you guys rock my taste buds! Thank you both for everything! SO fabulous!
I just have to ad a quick note–Split Pea Seduction is the must-try lunch joint, but Christian also has an amazing catering company, Jersey Tomatoes, that you will not be disappointed with!

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