>The Best Brazilians for the Truly Fearless


Originally posted on 7×7 SF.

By Lily Ko

Last week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, reality star Kyle Richards got her first Brazilian wax on national television. Richards spread her legs and told her waxer, “I was thinking a Dorothy Hamill. I don’t want the Telly Savalas!”
Regardless of which side you stand on, the question of waxing has always been the case for heated discussion, as evidenced in our Great Waxing Debate last week.
Whether you’re one to bare it all or more of the “landing strip” type, you shouldn’t drop your knickers for just anyone. So if you are going to take the plunge, here’s our guide to the best Brazilians in SF.

Best Overall:  BellaPelle (9 Maiden Lane, $75+)From facials to massage, and of course waxing, BellaPelle does it all, and they do it with class. The estheticians are friendly, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. Also, as an added perk, the salon offers prescription strength numbing cream to ensure a comfortable, painless experience. 
Best Quick and Easy: Waxing by Tracy at Hair Help (1756 18th Street, $45). You know she means business when Tracy goes down on you with her magnifying glass. This small salon may be no-frills, but Tracy is nothing if not swift and meticulous.
Best First Time:  Dermalounge (1301 Church Street, $65). Curious and on the cusp of getting your first Brazilian? They call esthetician Jessica W. the “Vagina Whisperer” for good reason. She puts your lovely lady parts at ease by going slow and talking you through the whole process.  
Best Men Wax Too: GROOM (491 Castro Street, $65+). Let’s just say when it comes to the art of male waxing, Caesar Jimenez is very talented. Whether you’re looking for a little rear touch-up, or the full boy-zilian, GROOM is the place to go to take care of your “boys”. 

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