>LoveSick 4: Fashion for the Frustrated


Originally posted on 7×7 SF.

By Lily Ko

Picture Sid and Nancy meets Valentine’s fashion ball — after all, love and fashion are nothing if not vicious.
Whether you’re sick on it or sick of it, set love aside and let lusty lingerie take the stage tonight at LoveSick 4.
Premiering four years ago, LoveSick is fashion’s annual cure for SF’s love ridden. Tonight’s show at 111 Minna, will feature ten local designers, including mini-collections byAlexandria von BromssenTamo Designs, and Silver LucyDJ Martin Collins and local band The Goldenhearts will also be there, to drown out the despair and help let love down easy. 
So forget about silly heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and enough shaking your fist at Cupid’s arrow — get lost in the runway tonight at LoveSick.
LoveSick 4, Monday Feb. 14 at 111 Minna. Doors at 7pm, show at 9:15pm, $20.

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