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>Burma Superstar, Inner Richmond, SF.


Chili Lamb
Not available mild. Stir fried lamb with dried and fresh chili, onion and basil, comes medium spicy, or spicier!
I LOVED this! The lamb was super tender and the dish was packed with spice! It was definitely intense, spice wise, but I like some heat. ;)

>Asian brunch at Thai Noodle Jump, Inner Richmond, SF.

>Deep Fried Chicken Fried Rice?!! Whaaaat?! Out of control!

21. Tom Yum Gai Soup Hot and sour soup with chicken, shrimp, lemon grass, galangal, tomato, and mushrooms.
Mmmmmm. We ordered it with the flat vermicelli noodles.
63. Thai Hot Basil Choice of chicken, pork, or beef with bamboo strips and basil.

>Korean style ramen with dumplings.

>Shin Ramyun with egg, green onion and dumplings. I don’t like my ramen with too much broth and I don’t like my noodles overcooked so I rarely go out for ramen, but I enjoy making my own. :)

It was chilly and gray out so ramen sounded SO nice after a long day at work. It definitely hit the spot. :)

>Super simple wasabi cilantro lime soba noodles.

>I used the cilantro lime sauce I made the other day as the base for this, but mixed in sesame oil, soy sauce and wasabi.

Soba noodles, rinsed cold.
Mixed. Simple. Delicious!

>Korean noodle salad with sausage.

>Buckwheat noodles with a Korean dressing (that I’m also going to use to marinade some meat for Korean tacos!). Yums.

>Hosting the SFS Team Outing: Three Papaya’s Brunch & Screen-printing at Levi’s Workshop, Mission, SF.

>I hosted my first SF Station team event! It was very exciting and I want to give a special thanks to everyone who came out and made it a success!

Papaya Salad at Three Papayas. Ta-wei, Vivienne and Matty at the Three Papaya’s treated us to two of these! So sweet!

One of the specials, a lotus root salad with chicken. Mmmmm.
Another one of the specials! The pig’s head with Spanish rice and a fried egg. This is apparently a Filipino dish and was very interesting!
After brunch we all headed over to the Levi’s Workshop for some excellent screen-printing! I surprised the crew with a special illustration made by our current SF Station Local Artist, Charmaine Olivia! Thank you, Charmaine, for the amazing illustration! And a special thanks to Levi’s Workshop and Turner PR for making this all happen!!!
My bossman, Chris, workin’ the screen!
Our amazing screen-printing pro, Henrik! Thank you for everything! He is holding up the first part/color of our print.

Here is a photo of my finished t-shirt! You can see the other layer here (in gray). I LOVE what Charmaine designed for us and love how it looks screen-printed! I’m so happy with how today went and can’t wait to plan more events!