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>Lemon garlic herb salmon with a side salad.

>Salmon filet with Lemon juice, garlic and Trader Joe’s Everyday Spices on both sides. I put this under the broiler for 4 minutes on each side. I didn’t use any olive oil on the filet and was a bit worried at first, but actually really like how it turned out.

I topped the salmon with another squeeze of lemon juice and had a side salad of Romaine lettuce, candied pecans, tomatoes, red onion and an Italian dressing of sorts.
This meal was awesome. I only had half of the salmon and saved the rest. I have to say though–I could have scarfed it all down! This was one of the best salmon filets I’ve ever had and SO easy to make!

>Lettuce wrap tacos, four ways.

>Left to right: Fish, grilled veggies, chorizo & poato, shredded beef.

These were all taco fillings I got to-go from Tacolicious, but since I don’t like tortillas, I decided to eat them with romaine leaves! This was very Korean of me, where it’s called ssam (쌈). So so great! I don’t get the appeal of tortillas and I feel bad saying that, but this is healthier and adds a nice crispness, while not taking away from the flavorful filling!

>Salmon, asparagus and bell peppers in a lemony honey mustard marinade.

>Lemon juice, lemon peel, garlic, honey, mustard, crack black pepper.

I got a big bag of red, yellow and orange bell peppers and asparagus from Costco and I’ve been thinking of different things to do with them. I marinated the veggies and a piece of salmon in this lemon concoction and stuck it all in the oven. Out came this beauty! :) It was really yummy–it had been far too long since I had salmon! :)

>Post Bake Sale, pre Inception sushi at Kyoto Sushi, Van Ness, SF.


Cherry Blossom roll – tuna over salmon with avocado roll.
Barracuda – spicy hamachi, green onions, tempura roll.
Poki roll – cold seaweed salad over spicy tuna roll.
Sunset roll – Parmesan cheese, garlic sauce and salmon baked over California roll.
Everything was really good. I really like this place. It had been too long since I was there. The service isn’t the quickest, but the food is good and reasonably priced. It was perfect because we had an hour to kill before seeing Inception at AMC Van Ness!

>Food Bloggers Luncheon at Waterbar, Embarcadero, SF.

>I was invited out to Waterbar for a food bloggers lunch hosted by We Blog The World and

Waterbar is fun little restaurant between the Ferry Building and the AT&T Ball Park. It has ana amazing view of the Bay Bridge and some lovely aquarium columns in the center of the restaurant. It was the last day of Dine About Town so we had a lovely prix fixe menu (click on the photo to read the text). I love that the menu states who caught the fish!

I enjoyed this presentation of the butter, on a granite tile, with sea salt on top.
Amuse bouche: cold soup shots.
I didn’t are so much for this. I like gazpachos, but other than that, I’m not a big chilled soup fan.
Cornmeal Crusted Smelts, endive, radish, green goddess. The smelts were nice, but I didn’t care much for the salad and the sauce lacked flavor.
Baby Artichoke Salad, fava beans, sweet peas, Grana Padano.
I think I should have went with this as my first course. :)
Alaskan Halibut, roasted beets, sugar snap peas, orange.
I’m afraid I didn’t care mush for this dish either. The fish was cooked fine, but everything was a bit bland. I really enjoyed the texture and crunch of sugar snap peas though and the beets were fine on their own, but none of the flavors were were strong enough to bring the dish together.
Whitefish, broccoli rabe, roasted cherry tomato vinaigrette.
This dish looks more flavorful. I should have gone with this one–darn! :)
Black and White Ice Cream Cake, dulce de leche creme fraiche, bananas.
I will say right now that I 100% chose the right dessert! I loved this. The dulce de leche creme fraiche could have used more flavor, but the ice cream sandwich and fried bananas were divine!
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, vanilla ice cream.
I really have to be in the mood for strawberry rhubarb, so this isn’t my ideal dessert, but it does look tasty.
BIG thank you, again, to We Blog The World and! Everyone, please check them out–seriously, very cool stuff!

>Must try: The Burger Lounge at The Four Seasons, Downtown, SF.

>I was invited out to The Four Seasons restaurant to try their The Burger Lounge, which launched just last month. So get this–on Sundays and Mondays, you can order a burger, fries AND a cocktail/wine pairing for just $20. Amazing. I ordered the Duck Fat Burger and chose to get the cocktail pairing–this huge, delicious coffee cocktail that I would definitely get again.

We started with the tuna tartare. This tartare has great flavor and texture balances.

Olive platter: pickled olives, fried cheese-stuffed olives, olive tapenade. I had never seen fried olives before, but this was brilliant! They could have used a tiny bit more cheese, but such a great idea. The tapenade was really fantastic, too. It had the perfect saltiness to it.
Duck Fat Burger with pickles, perfectly crisp fries, peppercorn ranch spread/dip. These burgers are no small feat!
Yes, that would be thick, delicious slabs of pork belly in their BLT! Un-real. The pork belly was so tender and succulent–it really added to the burger and tasted amazing. I actually preferred this burger to the Duck Fat Burger, although they were both SO good. After the appetizers I couldn’t even get through half of my burger, but was excited to wrap it up for later!

We finished with the Fondue plate. The Four Seasons has a new pastry chef for NYC that I’m going to get the scoop on soon! He’s created a few new dishes and just take a look at the photo–do I even need to say anything?!
On one side you have fresh berries, and on the other you have a mix of two-bite brownies, marshmallows, rice crispies, and the most amazing banana bread I’ve ever had in my life. And then you get to dunk it all in warm caramel and/or a heavenly dark chocolate sauce! Now that’s what I call a fun, fantastic dessert. :)