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>Kimchi fried rice with a fried egg.


Sauteed with sesame oil. Next I sauteed onions and pork, and added rice.
Everything, looking lovely together in the pan.
Fried egg, sunny side up.
Mmmmmmm. This is pretty great.

>Korean bento boxes at Arang, Japantown, SF.

>These are amazing! I’ve been to Arang a few times before and never knew they had these bento boxes! With each box you get rice, salad, two mandoo potstickers, a potato banchan, japchae, and a meat of your choice–all for about $10.

This is an awesome deal for a nice meal that you can get late at night! I got the spicy pork, which was a bit fatty, but was yummy. The mandoo was fine, and the potato banchan was actually really nice! The japchae was interesting. I actually liked it, but it kind of had a glaze or sauce, or something on it that isn’t normally found on japchae. I enjoyed all of it though.

Edric got the bulgogi combination, which also comes with tempura.
I love that we rolled from Michael Mina to Arang and got these bento boxes! Thanks so much, Edric! ;)

>Japanese curry with chicken.

>Curry, it’s been awhile. ;)

I used Japanese curry mix with assorted veggies and chicken.. with a little Tapatio because I’m, oh, you know, obsessed! ;) This makes SO much curry! Looks like it’ll be curry for a week and I’ll definitely freeze some of it… ;)


>Korean style ramen with dumplings.

>Shin Ramyun with egg, green onion and dumplings. I don’t like my ramen with too much broth and I don’t like my noodles overcooked so I rarely go out for ramen, but I enjoy making my own. :)

It was chilly and gray out so ramen sounded SO nice after a long day at work. It definitely hit the spot. :)

>Grace’s birthday cake from Paris Baguette, Santa Clara, SF.

>I haven’t had Paris Baguette since Korea! I’m still so sad that I didn’t start food blogging while I was living there, but Paris Baguette is a huge Korean chain that is now in select US cities.

I don’t super love Paris Baguette cakes. I just don’t find them very flavorful, which is great for Koreans though because most Koreans don’t like things to be too sweet. If I’m having a slice of cake though, it better be delicious. ;)

This was very pretty and most importantly, the beautiful birthday girl, Grace, loved it! :) Happy birthday, Grace!

>Ahnah’s blue rice.

>Ahnah made this blue rice! It’s hilarious. I have never thought to use food coloring in rice! Could be very cool for some dishes! Haha, it just cracks me up to look at!