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>Burma Superstar, Inner Richmond, SF.


Chili Lamb
Not available mild. Stir fried lamb with dried and fresh chili, onion and basil, comes medium spicy, or spicier!
I LOVED this! The lamb was super tender and the dish was packed with spice! It was definitely intense, spice wise, but I like some heat. ;)

>Korean bento boxes at Arang, Japantown, SF.

>These are amazing! I’ve been to Arang a few times before and never knew they had these bento boxes! With each box you get rice, salad, two mandoo potstickers, a potato banchan, japchae, and a meat of your choice–all for about $10.

This is an awesome deal for a nice meal that you can get late at night! I got the spicy pork, which was a bit fatty, but was yummy. The mandoo was fine, and the potato banchan was actually really nice! The japchae was interesting. I actually liked it, but it kind of had a glaze or sauce, or something on it that isn’t normally found on japchae. I enjoyed all of it though.

Edric got the bulgogi combination, which also comes with tempura.
I love that we rolled from Michael Mina to Arang and got these bento boxes! Thanks so much, Edric! ;)

>Gettin’ my French on at Garcon, Mission, SF.

>french onion soup, gruyere, croutons 9

Yummy and a good size–one that you can finish! I find that a lot of times with French onion soup, it’s too large and is a lot to finish.
“pate de campagne”, pork & duck liver pate, hazelnuts, green peppercorns, rosemary dijon 9
Not my favorite, but it was fine. I’m pretty picky when it comes to pate, but I’d heard so many good things about Garcon as a French restaurant so I thought it might be great here. And again, it wasn’t bad, but I probably wouldn’t order it again.
skillet blackened pork chop, potato-onion hash, green beans, grilled peaches, natural jus 26

The porkchop. This looked AMAZING! It was dark for a porkchop and looked more like a steak–so beautiful. :)

After our meal, we moved to the bar for some wine. The kind barman, Ryan, gave our party free shots! I’m not sure what all was in this, but it was a yummy little dessert drink. :)
After service we got to chatting with Chef Arthur Wall, who’s a very cool guy. He was telling us about how the group of restaurants (mainly the Belden Place restaurants) are sort of re-branding. They’ve brought on Fortune PR, so I’m sure we’ll see some exciting stuff soon. Chef Wall is helping by menu consulting for the various restaurants. His current sous chef at Garcon will be moving to Chouchou.

>Vietnamese cold noodle salad from Turtle Tower, Tenderloin, SF.

>Vietnamese cold noodle salad. The meat–pork and meatballs–was very good, but the sauce was only okay. I’ve only ever had this dish in a bowl, usually with some imperial rolls as well, but Turtle Tower serves it on a plate. I definitely prefer the bowl, as it is easier to eat, but the meat in this dish was really nice.

>Starting Girls Night with dinner at EAT in 111 Minna, SoMa, SF.

>Minna continues to be one of my favorite spots. It’s so great for art openings, concerts, karaoke, dance parties, and pop-up restaurants! LOVE. I went out for a much needed girls night and we decided to head here first for the last EAT–so fun!

Funny enough, I actually went to the very first EAT supperclub, and I ended up going to the last one, too, thanks to my friend Maddy! The menu, food and crowd definitely improved since the first.
The very open kitchen.
Salad with beets.
Lamb over pearl couscous polenta.
Didn’t love it. The lamb was a bit tough and not very flavorful. The pearl couscous texture was off with the polenta. I realize polenta can be a bit creamy, but the creamy large pearls were throwing me off.
Pork belly over polenta with green apple slaw.
This was AMAZING. I was seriously blown away. It was coked perfectly, melted in your mouth and was super flavorful–the sour crispness in the green apple helped cut the fat and played SO nicely off the fattiness of the pork belly. The polenta was excellent, too.

White chocolate mousse with wild blueberries.

Amazing. I really like white chocolate mousse. I actually remember having an amazing white chocolate mousse for dessert at the last Junior League’s Fashion Show and I’ve been craving one every since! This definitely satisfied that craving. :)

>Muir Woods and Brother’s Korean BBQ, Inner Richmond, SF.

>It was my first trip to Muir Woods! I can’t believe how long it took me to get there, but there are some great hikes and it was actually very beautiful with the mist (not the greatest weather!). The hikes are nice, too, but we were all starving! Haha.. classic.

After talking about Korean food we decided to actually get some. We went to Brother’s, which I’d been to once before and liked. They give a good array of banchan.
Spicy pork and kalbi. These were very good.
This was the worst tofu kimchi I’ve ever had. EVER! You normally can’t go wrong with tofu kimchi, but this wasn’t even the right dish! :( Here is the Google Images link to tofu kimchi.. Yea.. you can see why I would be confused.
Food coma!
A big thanks to Tony for a fun day. :)